Friday, May 24, 2013

A Good Day...FInally!

The weather has been putting the kibosh on building anything. I need to plane and cut lumber outside because I have no room in the shop. This is a really sad thing. As it is when I do get it all prepped I will have to assemble things somewhere else in the house. This is NOT a good thing either. But for the moment that's where it's at.
I have been working on the new media center PC in the meantime. Again I am reminded of why I got out of the computer business. 31 days after I purchased all the parts the MSI Twin Frozer HD 7850 video card FAILED! I was livid because of course you can't return items to Tiger Direct after 30 days. But I took it back anyway, trying very hard not to explode as I talked to the technician. They were actually very good about it (perhaps the smoke coming from my ears and the blood running from my eyes had something to do with that) and simply exchanged the card for me. I got the 4 TB Seagate SATA III hard drive and a SanDisk 120GB Ultra Plus SSD drive installed as well. The performance has gone from 5.9 to 7.7 on the Windows Experience scale. SWEET!
I have been loading music and TRYING to fix my music library but it`s not easy. Downloading music has it`s caveats such as bad metadata, bad spelling, and bad quality. Every time I make changes to my library I have to update it in SONOS until which things in Sonos don`t work like they are supposed to. I have almost 20,000 songs, most of which I ripped (improperly) from my 300+ CD collection. I have downloaded several FLAC collections as well - again not always properly tagged. I have been scouring the web for software to help me fix it all. Media Monkey was highly recommended but I had to do most of the changes manually. Then I found Jaikoz Audio Tagger. This software is a TOTAL ass saver! The auto correct feature works like magic for fixing tags and metadata including artwork. The trial version will only let you save 20 songs per session, which would be fine if you have a small library, but it works so well I bought it after trying it out on about 100 files. It will still take some time to fix it all - but this software ROCKS!

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