Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 Woodstock Wood Show - FAIL!!!

Today I was very excited as it was the opening day of the annual Woodstock Wood Show. This event has been touted in the past as the "Biggest Woodworking Show in North America". Not this year.
There was a serious lack of EVERYTHING at this year's show. You wouldn't have known or expected it with the $12.00/person gate admission. In past years it was a full day event for me and even a 2 day venture sometimes. This year we were in and out in just over 2 hours and that was looking at some things twice.
I have no idea what happened with the organizing of this event but it was absolutely terrible this year. There were no big name vendors - DeWalt, or Milwaukee, although there was a SMALL Bosch and Freud display.
I can't even convey my disappointment. Next year I'll check with someone else who attends before I fork over 12 bucks.

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Anonymous said...

it was terible.My wife and I were there for 50 minutes,ten minutes was spent looking around thinking we missed a building or something.I will never go back again!!!!