Monday, August 29, 2011

The Closet Doors

The finishing touch to our bedroom makeover is a set of glass paneled bi-fold doors. We had to custom order these from Home Depot and we chose oak to match the trim in the bedroom. Regular pine doors would have cost us about $400.00. But no, we wanted the OAK deluxe version so we spent $1015.00 dollars.

The doors come from Milette, a Canadian company which is a nice bonus. We ordered the Ovolo moulding on the French Bi-folds model 305HP with Clear Chinchilla glass. In OAK. For the price we paid I ASSUMED the doors were solid oak. But oh no - it's some cheap ass veneer over even cheaper ass knotty pine that's split at the ends. Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME????? That's what I paid a thousand HARD EARNED dollars for?

Because the doors are "special order" we cannot return them. No where at Home Depot did they say or indicate that these were a veneered door. No where on the Milette website do they indicate that these are veneered doors. Basically we were ripped off and duped by Home Depot and Milette. These doors are not worth HALF of what we paid for them. I could have made SOLID OAK doors for MUCH less money.

AGAIN - CAVEAT EMPTOR! You need to ask every possible question BEFORE you buy because no one is going to tell you that they are going to SCREW YOU OVER and then refuse to refund your money.

Milette - I hope this rant costs you 1000 times what you stole from me! Home Depot just lost a VALUABLE customer too.

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