Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Black Hole Wardrobe

Of course we couldn't stop at the closet. Once it was in, the entire bedroom had to have a makeover. It all started with a shopping trip to look for a new dresser or bureau because I am tired of fighting with the drawers on the spouse's "antiques". It took 2 days to find something we could agree on. But instead of just a dresser we bought a whole bedroom ensemble. We expected to have to wait weeks for delivery but we were informed that everything except the head board, foot board and rails would be delivered on Friday. This was late Wednesday afternoon.

We had planned to paint the bedroom AT SOME POINT, just not right AT THAT MOMENT, but with the furniture on it's way we stopped at Home Depot to pick up some paint.

I have been trying to fill the void left by the unavailability of Pratt and Lambert paint in my area by trying different brands of paint to see if I could find anything on par with the performance and unprimed one coat coverage I had been spoiled with by Pratt and Lambert. CIL, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and countless other brands always left me disappointed and doing two coats or a primer coat and then one or all too often 2 more coats to get proper coverage. For the heck of it, I thought I'd give Martha Stewart's brand a try. But I pretty much resigned myself to two coats before I even started. The kicker was we had to paint the ceiling AND the walls BEFORE Friday! That meant Thursday would be paint marathon day.

Our bedroom is NOT small. Even though we got up early, and both worked like troopers, at 8:30 that night we had only completed one coat on both the walls and ceiling. We had taken down the light fixtures as we had already bought new ones to replace them, so we were working by lamp light. It was impossible to tell what the paint would look like in the morning. With fingers crossed and after two quick cups of coffee, we opened the curtains, turned on two lamps and surveyed our handy work.

To say I am impressed with this paint is an understatement. Move over Pratt and Lambert, I have found my new favourite paint! Thank you Martha Stewart for such a HIGH QUALITY product! No primer, one coat, absolute smooth even coverage AND it's eco friendly, no smell AT ALL and washes up easily with water alone. It will take time to judge it on wear and durability, but if it lasts like it goes on, it's a total WINNER! The walls are now a beautiful "Ice Rink" blue and the ceiling is "Opal". The pictures don't do it justice.

Fresh paint, a custom closet, new ceiling and table lighting, a trendy bedroom outfit, and a couple of art deco carpets and we have a luxurious boudoir!

It's a shame to use it for sleeping in! But after that marathon week, I need the REST!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Marathon Project Completion

Finally, after 4 months, we have finished the master closet! There has been some serious blood sweat and tears that have gone into this project and there were many MANY times I was sure it would never be finished. Actually I still have to make about 4 more shelves for the shoe racks.

I have lost track of all the mistakes - there were LOTS. Stopping and starting with days or weeks in between will do that. But as we did the final assembly it all fell into place incredibly well.

The biggest mistake we made on this project was tearing out the old closet and turning the house into a war zone before we had even cut a board. You have no idea how much stuff you have in a closet until you have to store it somewhere else in the house for 4 months.

Now of course we have to paint the bedroom. And then there will be new lighting needed to match the decor. And of course new curtains and bedding. Why does every project become a money pit?

While the project list is still LONG, my only plan for the near future is putting the house back in order. I took this week off work to try to get this finished and because it was a success I think I'll reward myself with a couple of actual DAYS OFF!