Saturday, February 26, 2011

When You Just Want to Scream

My life has just passed the point of insanity. Work is keeping me very busy. The spouse has been laid off/on call so I am forced to work 6-7 days a week to keep up with the bills. Going from working 2 days a week to working 7 days a week is bad enough, but trying to get other things done it near impossible.

We started working on the new closet back in the beginning of January and here we are at the end of February and it is no where near finished. Today we FINALLY started staining the closet parts, but of course that has now turned into a total disaster. We bought some SAMAN brand all-in-one sealer, stain and varnish. We thought we'd give it a try because it's made in Canada, it's low VOC, it has a short drying time and it's odourless. It's also the ABSOLUTE WORST SHIT I have ever used! Now perhaps we just got a bad batch but this stuff has the consistency of runny pudding. That would actually be runny SAND pudding because it is VERY gritty. It separates in a matter of minutes. And it dries before you get it off the brush!

Any NORMAL person would have took one look at it and thrown it out. But no, we had to at least try it because despite it looking like crap we liked the colour, a nice Brazilian Cherry. So this morning we got almost half of the closet parts stained. The stuff looks like bad MAC-TAC when it dries. The brush strokes do not flatten out because it is so thick and dries so fast. I was so disgusted when I went back out to look at what we had done, I have decided to SAND IT ALL OFF and start over with some REAL stain like MINWAX!

This is no easy feat because the I am sanding very thin veneer. Lets just say the closet will have a serious "distressed" look when it's done. It will probably take me three days to UNDO what we did in about 5 hours this morning. But I don't care, the stuff is GARBAGE and I am not letting all our hard work be coated in SHIT. CAVEAT EMPTOR - do NOT buy this stuff!

Being on the Union Executive at work has proved to be a lot of work and sometimes quite frustrating. If you ever thought big corporations were heartless cold entities, you don't know the half of it. While I hope it never happens to ANYONE and I certainly don't condone it, it's getting easier to see why some people go "postal".

And to top it all off, today we went out shopping and discovered that someone rammed the back end of our new truck. It looks like about $4000.00 damage. Just what I needed. NOT!

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