Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Really New Year

We got the Delta Lathe for Christmas and a set of 6 Economy Turning Tools from Lee Valley. Other then turning the lathe on to see if it worked nothing else has happened yet. The pen mandrel I had for the MasterCraft lathe won't fit in the new Delta. There will be a lot more lathe accessory shopping in the near future.

I attended a lathe tool sharpening class at Lee Valley yesterday and it was a bit of an eye opener. It looks like we are going to have to invest in some sort of sharpening jig. They were recommending the Wolverine Jig in the class. It's not unreasonably priced, but it won't work with our 6" bench grinder. We'll have to invest in an 8" grinder. More money! At least I won't be wasting my time trying to freehand sharpen tools anymore.

The current project is a couple of quickie book shelves for the spouse's mother. Nothing fancy here, just some laminated pine and pocket hole joints. They are getting a maple stain and a couple of coats of polyurethane. They worked out to be about the same cost as the cheap melamine particle board shelves sold everywhere now. Plain or not, solid wood is much nicer.

We have started on the master closet as well. We started as in bought the wood and drew up the plans. I got some 3/4" birch veneer particle core sheets at Home Depot for $34.00 a sheet. When I realized what a steal that was I went back to buy more. Either the sale had ended or someone realized the mistake because they were $66.00 a sheet. DAMN!!!! I am kicking my butt now. Once the book shelves are out of the shop the cutting begins!

We had a little hot tub problem I had to deal with too. Right before Christmas the heater unit quit. Our local spa store was closed over the holidays so I finally got a new $500.00 spa heater ordered right after the new year. I was going to get the local spa technician to install it only because my luck with anything to do with plumbing has been less then stellar. It came with installation instructions, and a fairly terse waning about not installing it without a certification in electrical. The spa tech wanted $55.00 for the service call plus $70.00/hr. to install it and he figured it would be close to 2 hours. He also wanted me to get an electrician to do the electrical work. This would have added $300.00 and change to the cost. WTF?????? I was so pissed off I just installed it myself. It wasn't exactly rocket science. I hooked up the 230V power, put a new plug end on the pump cord, plugged it in, plugged in the light and VOILA! It all works. BITE ME R&S Pool and Spa! I am still dumbfounded by that whole 70.00/hr. thing. WTF?????? Needless to say we are taking our spa business elsewhere.

If you are looking for spa equipment I highly recommend Cedar Tubs Direct in Canada. My order was processed and shipped promptly and my email inquiries were answered right away. They also had excellent prices.

Being back at work through the week seems to be agreeing with me. There is less shop/project time, but I am feeling much better. It is much easier to recuperate from 8 hours then it is from a 12 hour shift. Retirement is still a bit away.

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