Thursday, December 16, 2010

Playing Shop Catch Up

In between all the major events occurring in my life at the moment I have actually be somewhat productive in the shop. I was fortunate enough to meet a great lady online who is an extremely talented wood turner. She has been coaching me in many aspects of woodworking for a couple of months and things are progressing nicely. She instilled enough confidence in me to turn my first pen! Even with my cheap MasterCraft lathe and my bargain basement lathe tools I think the first one came out not too bad.

The spouse and I have signed up for a pen turning class at Lee Valley in January, and I have even signed up for a lathe tool sharpening seminar. That was right after I completely ruined a skew chisel on the grinder. Compound angles are certainly not my forte.

The spouse has finally been bitten by the shop bug and has been busy making all sorts of things on the scroll saw. There are 2D and 3D Christmas ornaments, a small box with fretwork sides, and even a couple of Christmas trees. The scroll saw classes from Lee Valley have really paid off!

The spouse was the one originally interested in using a lathe, and now that the scroll saw is working out so well, the lathe interest has peaked again. But of course my little MasterCraft lathe just won't do. Busy Bee has a Delta 46-455 Lathe on sale for $399.00 right now so we are giving that to ourselves for Christmas. There will have to be some new lathe tools and accessories included in that package as well.

Unfortunately my schedule at work has changed significantly and in the New Year I will be working 5-7 days a week again so shop time will be very limited. I'll have to become one of those Weekend Project Warriors. Still it will be very nice to have the shop to unwind in for a couple of hours after work.

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