Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Ops Bleak

So the much anticipated Black Ops has been had. I have to dig deep into the vocabularic chest for words to describe the DISAPPOINTMENT. How come EVERY piece of this game felt canned:? Repetitive game play is almost TOO NICE for this failed sequel. The WAY TOO MUCH VIDEO part of the game? was the only part that kept me interested in the storyline. I know Activision was not so much selling a game to us TRUE gamers as selling another avenue to the multiplayer fans. And am I delusional or are the graphics in this game not ANYWHERE NEAR ON PAR with those of the first two episodes of this production? WHAT THE HELL did I pay $60.00 of my hard earned dollars for? Crappy graphics, canned game play, garbage flight simulation? ACTIVISION.. WHY???? such a big letdown after you had us so firmly in your grasp? I hope you enjoy my $60.00 because you will not see ONE MORE CENT from me until you PROVE you are not going to insult my gaming integrity like this again. And Zombies????? WHAT??? Are you on drugs??? Anyone who hasn't bought into this yet.. DON'T! Multiplayer fans.. stick to MW2 or COD4 . They don't deserve your money.

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