Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where in the World is Deb?

I'm still out here. Summer has been hotter then hell and busier then a wet hornet nest. It's already September. I don't feel as if I have accomplished anything but the last two months have been a blur of activity. Woodworking? What's that? I started several small projects and finished NONE. For the first time I am almost looking forward to SNOW!!

I have spent a lot of time indoors because of the heat. The shop was a sweat box so I couldn't be out there either. I did a lot of computer repairs and not much else. Feels like another wasted summer. But the weather left me little choice. We have suffered through another scorching heat wave this past week. It really makes you think global warming is not the ugly rumour some purport it to be.

Hopefully the temperatures will level out in the next few weeks and I can get back in the shop. I do miss it. And I really have no love for computers anymore. Seasons change.

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