Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Say NO!

I have spent the last couple of weeks back in the computer repair business. I DO NOT WANT to be in the computer repair business anymore. Every time I say I am not fixing anymore computers someone calls with another one to fix. STOP THE MADNESS!

It's just a simple matter of saying NO isn't it? It would be simple if I had someone else I could refer them to. Other then myself I have not met an HONEST computer technician yet. So if you are out there and you are an HONEST and reasonably priced computer technician in the London/St. Thomas area please contact me. I have LOTS of work for you. But if you scam or overcharge ONE of my referrals, I will publicly verbally flog you until you never fix another computer EVER!

I want to get back into my shop and actually do some woodworking. I have been out of there for so long I have forgotten most of what I actually have in there and probably how to use most of it. Today I started doing an inventory database of everything in the shop. This could take a while. It seems I have accumulated quite a large amount of wood and metal working tools and equipment. This isn't including all the sundries like sandpaper, screws, nails etc. Maybe one day I will inventory all that too. It will be a very long list!

Tomorrow I have one more computer to fix and one other repaired computer to deliver. I have one more previously promised house call to make to setup a wireless system in a couple of weeks. But other then that I am DONE. SO NO, NADA, NOT, NAY, I CANNOT fix your computer. If you don't ask I won't have to cave and say yes.

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