Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Car Rant

When we bought the car we paid extra for the dealer recommended rust protection, fabric protection and paint protection. I had no idea this stuff would actually RUIN the car. When they rust proofed the car, they sprayed the coating into the engine compartment, and onto the felt hood liner. It's just not something you do to a car like this and it looked like hell. I asked them to clean it up which they did, but they made a mess of the rest of the car in the process. They either couldn't or didn't clean the hood liner, (I suspect they couldn't) so I have had to buy a replacement.

The "clear coat" paint protection they applied gives a nice shine until you get into bright sunlight and see all the spider web swirls. There was even a nasty buffer mark on the hood. That to me is just sloppy workmanship. The undercoating is some black oily SHIT that along with the rust proofing is all over the painted and plastic under body parts. I am sure the leather interior got nothing more then a quick coat of Scotch Guard.

The money you pay for this "stuff" is enough to make you EXPECT to get a decent product and have it applied PROPERLY. Apparently Ray Cullen doesn't think that's necessary. My complaints were met with surprise. I said I might have wanted to show the car and was told "I should have TOLD" them that. WHY???? So they could bilk more money out of me to actually have them apply the stuff with some CARE or PROPERLY?

I am going to say it right now... DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS! I am also going to say I am VERY disappointed with this dealer.

Owning a hot muscle car is awesome. Keeping it looking hot it another story. I am about to buy stock in Meguiar's car care products. I think I now own just about 1 of every product they make. They are not cheap products by any means, but they all do exactly what they claim to do and that's why I keep buying them. Because of this fiasco I am going to have to start from scratch with this car. That means stripping it down to the paint and starting over to put a PROPER show car finish on it. I think the Meguiar's products are the answer.

So far I have used the ScratchX to remove the buffer mark in the hood and the PlastX to remove scratches FROM THE DEALER in the radio bezel. They worked like a charm. I used the Quick Out upholstery cleaner to get a stain out of the seat in the truck. We had tried just about everything else on it with no success but the Quick Out took it out instantly.

We also got the Quarter Flares and the extension stripes for the spoiler that have to be installed. The weather here hasn't been very cooperative, either stifling hot or raining, so hopefully I can get it done this week along with the detailing. I also ordered a K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake that should be in by next week.

There are many more mods in the plan. Time and money are always the hitch.

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