Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camaro Fever

I took my Silverado in to the dealership for it's first scheduled oil change and I had a couple of other cosmetic issues for them to look at. They told me it would be about an hour total so I decided to wait. When I pulled in I noticed they had 5 new Camaros out front so of course because I have been LUSTING after this car for so long I had to go take a look. I didn't make it past the showroom.

Inside the showroom was a 2010 2LT Transformer Special Edition Camaro. Yep there was Bumble Bee! Oh and she is a beauty! Black leather interior, polished aluminium rims, Transformer badges and lettering on the cowl. I was drooling. I eased into the cockpit and was in heaven. Buttons and bells and whistles, OH MY! She screamed "Start me up and TAKE ME!"

Oddly enough about 4 nights before the spouse saw part of the original Transformers movie for the FIRST time. I pointed out that Bumble Bee was just a "concept" car at the time. I immediately tried to call the spouse, but got no answer. So I sauntered out to the lot and looked at the 5 other Camaros but was no where as moved as I was with the "Bee". There were several more attempts to call the spouse and FINALLY I got an answer. It must have been something in my voice, somewhere between desperation and excitement, but the spouse was on the way to the showroom.

There was no convincing necessary although I did get an "Are you sure you want a yellow one?" My reply was "It's not yellow, it's Bumble Bee!" We got to test drive a white one that was on the lot, although that wasn't really necessary either. But we were both extremely impressed with the smooth ride and the quietness of the car. Of course there was that occasional "rumble" from the exhaust that reminded one that 312 horses are not to be taken lightly.

The 2001 Blazer is on it's last legs so we offered it for a trade in. We got the black book value for it, and that's all I was really expecting. The deal was struck and we were scheduled to pick up the Bee on Friday.

I came home today, ONE DAY before we pick up the new car, and the spouse tells me for the first time in it's ENTIRE LIFE, the Blazer won't start. WTF! I tried it myself, no go. I am in INSTANT PANIC mode. I call the Camaro sales rep and of course she says if it doesn't run there's no deal. ARRRGGHHHHH!

We normally take the Blazer to the Bugstop on First Street in London, ON, for repairs and maintenance. Brian the owner and our mechanic has always been very fair and good to us. So I called him and told him the Blazer won't start and I need it running by tomorrow! He said he thought it might be the anti-theft system, and he gave me a few instructions on what to try. Within 10 minutes I had the Blazer RUNNING!!!! In case you didn't hear it there was a massive sigh of relief there. You know Brian is going to be well rewarded for his help! If you need a mechanic, HE'S THE MAN!

I haven't slept in 2 days. I can't think or concentrate. Now I will be praying that between now and tomorrow morning, the universe continues to smile on us. I WANT MY BEE!!!!

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