Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bee is HOME!

We picked up the new Camaro on Friday, there were no hitches thank heavens! We have both been delirious ever since. That car is just freakin AWESOME! I really haven't had much chance to drive it as I can't seem to get the spouse out of it. But my turn is coming.

The interior lighting will just blow you away. At night it's like being in a space craft. There are even lights on the doors! There are so many buttons and bells and whistles I have to spend about 3 hours in the car just figuring out how everything works!

I already have some modifications lined up for it. First will be a spoiler for the trunk lid. This car just begs for one. Next will be a new exhaust system. The car is WAY too quiet. It really needs to sound like it looks... BAD ASS! I am looking at the MRT V2.0 I like the V1.0 but I don't think the neighbours would appreciate it. The V2.0 will give it the rumble it needs. I would like to do some mods to the lights as well, but that's down the road a bit.

Yellow was not my first choice of colour for the new Camaro. I originally wanted the cyber grey with the black stripes. But Bumble Bee is just HOT on this car. Unfortunately the bugs like it too. And it will require regular washing to keep her looking stellar. She sure does turn heads. We have had so many people taking pictures of her it's crazy!

The Silverado has gained something in this deal as well. I just spent two days washing, waxing and detailing her. She has to look good next to Bee. And that Blue Granite Metallic paint really does shine when she's all cleaned up.
My face hurts from all the smiling I have been doing. Man am I happy!

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