Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bee Gets Bling!

Today I put the new spoiler and the vent decals on Bee. I now know why body shops make so much money. I watched the videos on applying the decals and they make it look EASY! Not so in reality. I did get them on, but I will discourage people from looking closely.

The spoiler went on without a hitch. I worry a little about exposing metal and creating a rust issue so at some point I am going to go back under the trunk and add some silicone to holes I drilled. That should keep the evil rust at bay.

I am waiting for the stripe extensions to arrive to add to the spoiler. The thought of taking them to a body shop and having someone who knows what they are doing has crossed my mind after the vent decals debacle. We'll see when they get here.

They are a few more items I am waiting for from EBay. We also added a chrome Transformer oil cap and a locking gas cap today. It's fun dressing Bee up.

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