Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aftermarket Shopping

Finding aftermarket parts for the new car has proven to be a trying experience. It's even worse for those of us who live north of the 49th parallel. It is next to impossible to find reputable retailers of aftermarket parts in Canada. Ordering from the US is easy enough, the problem lies in paying duty, taxes and brokerage fees. The whole things goes from ridiculous to asinine. Thank goodness for EBay!

First of all buying direct from the dealer is possible if you are willing to remortgage your house. The markup on dealer parts has to be 500%. You just spent $40,000.00 on a car so I guess they think you have the proverbial money tree in your back yard. NOT! I spent a week hunting and checking different avenues and ended up back at good old EBay.

So far I have purchased a spoiler, the stripes for the spoiler, decals for the gills, splash guards, a chrome Autobot oil filler cap, Autobot pedal covers, a locking gas cap, Autobot valve caps, and a couple of Autobot badges and that has added up to over 500.00 BEFORE duties and taxes. So I might as well add another 200.00 on to that. OUCH!

There is still an exhaust kit, light kits, and new winter wheels and tires, that I want before I am finished. I might as well add a car cover in there and now we are up to over 3000.00! Maybe I SHOULD have bought the SS? No, it wouldn't be MY Bumblebee if I didn't add my own touches.

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