Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bee Gets Bling!

Today I put the new spoiler and the vent decals on Bee. I now know why body shops make so much money. I watched the videos on applying the decals and they make it look EASY! Not so in reality. I did get them on, but I will discourage people from looking closely.

The spoiler went on without a hitch. I worry a little about exposing metal and creating a rust issue so at some point I am going to go back under the trunk and add some silicone to holes I drilled. That should keep the evil rust at bay.

I am waiting for the stripe extensions to arrive to add to the spoiler. The thought of taking them to a body shop and having someone who knows what they are doing has crossed my mind after the vent decals debacle. We'll see when they get here.

They are a few more items I am waiting for from EBay. We also added a chrome Transformer oil cap and a locking gas cap today. It's fun dressing Bee up.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Shop Remains The Same

I haven't completely forgotten about the shop in all the Camaro fever. I have been out there the last couple of days off and on working on the final bench for the yard. Hopefully I will have it finished by the weekend.

After my little shop "slump" it was good to get back out there. I found myself less stressed about what I was working on and things flowed smoothly. Now I am looking forward to all the projects that have been piling up.

There will be a small delay in getting to them as I have relatives coming to visit next week. But that gives me time to create a "master plan". Money a usual will play the biggest part in what projects get done first. There are some large ones on the drawing table. But I am looking forward to getting back into the "routine".

Aftermarket Shopping

Finding aftermarket parts for the new car has proven to be a trying experience. It's even worse for those of us who live north of the 49th parallel. It is next to impossible to find reputable retailers of aftermarket parts in Canada. Ordering from the US is easy enough, the problem lies in paying duty, taxes and brokerage fees. The whole things goes from ridiculous to asinine. Thank goodness for EBay!

First of all buying direct from the dealer is possible if you are willing to remortgage your house. The markup on dealer parts has to be 500%. You just spent $40,000.00 on a car so I guess they think you have the proverbial money tree in your back yard. NOT! I spent a week hunting and checking different avenues and ended up back at good old EBay.

So far I have purchased a spoiler, the stripes for the spoiler, decals for the gills, splash guards, a chrome Autobot oil filler cap, Autobot pedal covers, a locking gas cap, Autobot valve caps, and a couple of Autobot badges and that has added up to over 500.00 BEFORE duties and taxes. So I might as well add another 200.00 on to that. OUCH!

There is still an exhaust kit, light kits, and new winter wheels and tires, that I want before I am finished. I might as well add a car cover in there and now we are up to over 3000.00! Maybe I SHOULD have bought the SS? No, it wouldn't be MY Bumblebee if I didn't add my own touches.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bee is HOME!

We picked up the new Camaro on Friday, there were no hitches thank heavens! We have both been delirious ever since. That car is just freakin AWESOME! I really haven't had much chance to drive it as I can't seem to get the spouse out of it. But my turn is coming.

The interior lighting will just blow you away. At night it's like being in a space craft. There are even lights on the doors! There are so many buttons and bells and whistles I have to spend about 3 hours in the car just figuring out how everything works!

I already have some modifications lined up for it. First will be a spoiler for the trunk lid. This car just begs for one. Next will be a new exhaust system. The car is WAY too quiet. It really needs to sound like it looks... BAD ASS! I am looking at the MRT V2.0 I like the V1.0 but I don't think the neighbours would appreciate it. The V2.0 will give it the rumble it needs. I would like to do some mods to the lights as well, but that's down the road a bit.

Yellow was not my first choice of colour for the new Camaro. I originally wanted the cyber grey with the black stripes. But Bumble Bee is just HOT on this car. Unfortunately the bugs like it too. And it will require regular washing to keep her looking stellar. She sure does turn heads. We have had so many people taking pictures of her it's crazy!

The Silverado has gained something in this deal as well. I just spent two days washing, waxing and detailing her. She has to look good next to Bee. And that Blue Granite Metallic paint really does shine when she's all cleaned up.
My face hurts from all the smiling I have been doing. Man am I happy!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camaro Fever

I took my Silverado in to the dealership for it's first scheduled oil change and I had a couple of other cosmetic issues for them to look at. They told me it would be about an hour total so I decided to wait. When I pulled in I noticed they had 5 new Camaros out front so of course because I have been LUSTING after this car for so long I had to go take a look. I didn't make it past the showroom.

Inside the showroom was a 2010 2LT Transformer Special Edition Camaro. Yep there was Bumble Bee! Oh and she is a beauty! Black leather interior, polished aluminium rims, Transformer badges and lettering on the cowl. I was drooling. I eased into the cockpit and was in heaven. Buttons and bells and whistles, OH MY! She screamed "Start me up and TAKE ME!"

Oddly enough about 4 nights before the spouse saw part of the original Transformers movie for the FIRST time. I pointed out that Bumble Bee was just a "concept" car at the time. I immediately tried to call the spouse, but got no answer. So I sauntered out to the lot and looked at the 5 other Camaros but was no where as moved as I was with the "Bee". There were several more attempts to call the spouse and FINALLY I got an answer. It must have been something in my voice, somewhere between desperation and excitement, but the spouse was on the way to the showroom.

There was no convincing necessary although I did get an "Are you sure you want a yellow one?" My reply was "It's not yellow, it's Bumble Bee!" We got to test drive a white one that was on the lot, although that wasn't really necessary either. But we were both extremely impressed with the smooth ride and the quietness of the car. Of course there was that occasional "rumble" from the exhaust that reminded one that 312 horses are not to be taken lightly.

The 2001 Blazer is on it's last legs so we offered it for a trade in. We got the black book value for it, and that's all I was really expecting. The deal was struck and we were scheduled to pick up the Bee on Friday.

I came home today, ONE DAY before we pick up the new car, and the spouse tells me for the first time in it's ENTIRE LIFE, the Blazer won't start. WTF! I tried it myself, no go. I am in INSTANT PANIC mode. I call the Camaro sales rep and of course she says if it doesn't run there's no deal. ARRRGGHHHHH!

We normally take the Blazer to the Bugstop on First Street in London, ON, for repairs and maintenance. Brian the owner and our mechanic has always been very fair and good to us. So I called him and told him the Blazer won't start and I need it running by tomorrow! He said he thought it might be the anti-theft system, and he gave me a few instructions on what to try. Within 10 minutes I had the Blazer RUNNING!!!! In case you didn't hear it there was a massive sigh of relief there. You know Brian is going to be well rewarded for his help! If you need a mechanic, HE'S THE MAN!

I haven't slept in 2 days. I can't think or concentrate. Now I will be praying that between now and tomorrow morning, the universe continues to smile on us. I WANT MY BEE!!!!