Thursday, May 27, 2010

OMG I Have a SHOP!

The second last day of my "vacation" and I finally got into the shop. Actually I was outside the shop. I finally got around to spray painting the cast iron garden furniture I am refinishing. The boards for the 4 chairs have all been cut and finished for about 2 weeks now. I still have to buy and cut the wood for the bench seat though.

I got to use the Mastercraft HVLP sprayer kit and it worked really well. It's a good thing the spouse bought me that ginormous DeWalt compressor. Anything less just wouldn't have cut it. The spouse even had a go at spray painting after work. Because I did all the set up and clean up the spouse was "impressed" at how easy it was and how well it worked.

Spraying outdoors was good and bad. The good was I didn't need a mask and with a giant plastic sheet there was no "over spray" to worry about. The bad was the million maple keys blowing around the driveway that kept getting stuck in the paint. Hopefully they will just brush out when the paint is fully dry. It's fine for garden furniture but next time I will have to set something up "in shop".

I'll have to post pictures later. All this yard work and painting leaves me whipped at the end of the day. It's been unseasonably hot this week as well. I have the sunburn to prove it.

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