Friday, May 21, 2010


It's the Victoria Day weekend in Canada. The holiday that signifies the official start of summer and gardening season for Canadians. And like most May 2-4 weekends they are calling for rain. Our big plans for the weekend were to bring in about 20 cubic yards of topsoil to level the back yard and to paint the garden furniture. Neither of those are going to happen in the rain. Then of course there is the gardening, and the patio repairs and finishing, the new sod to put down over the topsoil, some minor deck repairs and the shed to paint.

I have indoor project lists that grow endlessly and get done rarely. There are still 2 closets and a utility room to make over. I have to build a Murphy bed for the sewing room. There is still a fold away laundry folding counter for the laundry room somewhere on that list. New stairs for the hot tub. A computer work station. A new headboard for the new king size bed. The laminated flooring waiting to be put in the bathroom. And a box to make for my nephew's cremains.

Why can't I seem to find the time for any of this? Some of the delays involve money of course. But this week alone I haven't seen the inside of the shop for more then 5 minutes. Where does the time go?

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