Monday, March 22, 2010

A Scathing Rant

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed here are ONLY opinions. They are MY opinions. I am entitled to them. If you don't like them stop reading NOW! It's called FREEDOM, it's my right and I am exercising it.

I am an atheist. It means I do not believe in ANY gods. I do not practice any form of religion although I have studied many religions so I would be sure I knew what I was doing when I decided to be an atheist. Being an atheist does not mean I hate religion, or any specific religion it just means that I don't practice them. I am also a white Anglo Saxon but that does not mean that I have any racial prejudices, it's just what I am. I would like to think I am tolerant of all races and religions. So I guess I practice tolerance.

I have no issues with those who chose to worship some invisible, unavailable, supernatural deity. Don't force your beliefs on me, and I in turn won't be forced to justify my own. Live and let live. But it is my opinion that there are certain places personal religions do not belong and one of them is the workplace.

Why should an employer be forced to create a space for a religious practitioner to be allowed to "pray" at certain intervals of the day? Does the employer have to pay that employee for the TIME they are honouring their spirits? If I am working with that person, should I have to shoulder their workload while they are off performing their rituals?

Do all Catholics who work Sundays get to do a mass exodus at 11:00 a.m. for mass? Should Jewish people be exempt from working the Sabbath? I could go on but we have long past the point of RIDICULOUS!


I don't care what religion you are or are not, THIS HAS TO STOP! There is a separation between church and state that is narrowing dangerously and way too fast. It is impeding economics and social functionality. It is hampering COMMON SENSE and allowing INSANITY to rule.

I encourage everyone who feels this way to write your MPP and let them know you've had enough. And anyone who doesn't feel this way, open your eyes and THINK about what is REALLY happening around you.

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