Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Job for Old Women

Yesterday we started putting the new laminate flooring in the kitchen. Actually I started on Tuesday, but a trip to the emergency because the spouse split a palm open with a utility knife cut the day short. 3 stitches and a bruised ego, but otherwise the spouse will survive.

Floating laminate flooring is EASY to install, if you are a twenty something with good knees. If you aren't hire someone. Fortunately we were rescued by a twenty something son who came over to help. Still, it didn't go in as well as I hoped. There are some rather large gaps that will have to be "fixed" somehow.

When you do kitchen and bath installations you are supposed to glue the boards together with laminate floor glue to seal them. It was such a bitch just getting them lined up and together we skipped this step. I will however be running a bead of caulk around the perimeter. When we do the bathroom I will attempt the glue thing once more.

Working around cabinets, under dishwashers, fridges and stoves is no picnic. Maintaining the 1/4" gap around the perimeter to allow for expansion is next to impossible. You will have 0"- 3/4" gaps in different areas. They tell you to scribe the wall shape on the tile. Good luck with that. My best advice? Cut less then you think you need and keep trimming little by little till you get the fit you want. It's a slow process. Don't plan to get this done in a day. Keep all the scraps for the "patchwork" later. And buy more then you think you need.

Hopefully we'll get the kitchen back together before the weekend. The bathroom floor may have to wait till my knees stop swelling.

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