Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Wood Show

The spouse and I went to Toronto for the weekend and took in the Canadian Home Workshop Show. I bought tickets online for two days as I expected the event to be quite large and I was hoping to attend some of the seminars as well. Sadly I was majorly disappointed by the size of the show. While it was a bit bigger then London's show, it was not what I expected from a city the size of Toronto and the major Canadian wood working publication. Woodstock does seem to have the biggest show in the area.

We did get to see a couple of the seminars and of course I got to buy new toys! I picked up a Porter Cable 23 gauge pin nailer for 69.00. I finally got the Straight Edge guide from Workshop Supply, but no deal there. I picked up some more painters triangles and another edge banding trimmer. And I even got another Ryobi 18V LiON cordless drill. I mainly wanted the battery for the Ryobi circular saw, but at 79.00 it was cheaper to buy the drill as it came with the charger as well. Who doesn't need 5 cordless drills?

Today we got up and finished the closet. Overall it's OK, but there are a lot of mistakes I made and a lot of things I will do different next time. I am glad we did the first one in the "spare" room. Let's just say it's not something I am going to be showing off.

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