Monday, March 22, 2010

A Scathing Rant

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed here are ONLY opinions. They are MY opinions. I am entitled to them. If you don't like them stop reading NOW! It's called FREEDOM, it's my right and I am exercising it.

I am an atheist. It means I do not believe in ANY gods. I do not practice any form of religion although I have studied many religions so I would be sure I knew what I was doing when I decided to be an atheist. Being an atheist does not mean I hate religion, or any specific religion it just means that I don't practice them. I am also a white Anglo Saxon but that does not mean that I have any racial prejudices, it's just what I am. I would like to think I am tolerant of all races and religions. So I guess I practice tolerance.

I have no issues with those who chose to worship some invisible, unavailable, supernatural deity. Don't force your beliefs on me, and I in turn won't be forced to justify my own. Live and let live. But it is my opinion that there are certain places personal religions do not belong and one of them is the workplace.

Why should an employer be forced to create a space for a religious practitioner to be allowed to "pray" at certain intervals of the day? Does the employer have to pay that employee for the TIME they are honouring their spirits? If I am working with that person, should I have to shoulder their workload while they are off performing their rituals?

Do all Catholics who work Sundays get to do a mass exodus at 11:00 a.m. for mass? Should Jewish people be exempt from working the Sabbath? I could go on but we have long past the point of RIDICULOUS!


I don't care what religion you are or are not, THIS HAS TO STOP! There is a separation between church and state that is narrowing dangerously and way too fast. It is impeding economics and social functionality. It is hampering COMMON SENSE and allowing INSANITY to rule.

I encourage everyone who feels this way to write your MPP and let them know you've had enough. And anyone who doesn't feel this way, open your eyes and THINK about what is REALLY happening around you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Job for Old Women

Yesterday we started putting the new laminate flooring in the kitchen. Actually I started on Tuesday, but a trip to the emergency because the spouse split a palm open with a utility knife cut the day short. 3 stitches and a bruised ego, but otherwise the spouse will survive.

Floating laminate flooring is EASY to install, if you are a twenty something with good knees. If you aren't hire someone. Fortunately we were rescued by a twenty something son who came over to help. Still, it didn't go in as well as I hoped. There are some rather large gaps that will have to be "fixed" somehow.

When you do kitchen and bath installations you are supposed to glue the boards together with laminate floor glue to seal them. It was such a bitch just getting them lined up and together we skipped this step. I will however be running a bead of caulk around the perimeter. When we do the bathroom I will attempt the glue thing once more.

Working around cabinets, under dishwashers, fridges and stoves is no picnic. Maintaining the 1/4" gap around the perimeter to allow for expansion is next to impossible. You will have 0"- 3/4" gaps in different areas. They tell you to scribe the wall shape on the tile. Good luck with that. My best advice? Cut less then you think you need and keep trimming little by little till you get the fit you want. It's a slow process. Don't plan to get this done in a day. Keep all the scraps for the "patchwork" later. And buy more then you think you need.

Hopefully we'll get the kitchen back together before the weekend. The bathroom floor may have to wait till my knees stop swelling.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Wood Show

The spouse and I went to Toronto for the weekend and took in the Canadian Home Workshop Show. I bought tickets online for two days as I expected the event to be quite large and I was hoping to attend some of the seminars as well. Sadly I was majorly disappointed by the size of the show. While it was a bit bigger then London's show, it was not what I expected from a city the size of Toronto and the major Canadian wood working publication. Woodstock does seem to have the biggest show in the area.

We did get to see a couple of the seminars and of course I got to buy new toys! I picked up a Porter Cable 23 gauge pin nailer for 69.00. I finally got the Straight Edge guide from Workshop Supply, but no deal there. I picked up some more painters triangles and another edge banding trimmer. And I even got another Ryobi 18V LiON cordless drill. I mainly wanted the battery for the Ryobi circular saw, but at 79.00 it was cheaper to buy the drill as it came with the charger as well. Who doesn't need 5 cordless drills?

Today we got up and finished the closet. Overall it's OK, but there are a lot of mistakes I made and a lot of things I will do different next time. I am glad we did the first one in the "spare" room. Let's just say it's not something I am going to be showing off.