Thursday, January 7, 2010

Work Sharp is a WINNER!

It's been a while since I have been this excited. Tonight I found some time to try out my new Work Sharp WS3000 on the Groz hand planes I am not so impressed with. Thanks to a couple of tips from the Lie-Nielsen website, and the excellent instructions that came with the Work Sharp I now have WORKING hand planes.

The Work Sharp does an incredible job of sharpening plane irons. The edge WILL shave hairs. The bevel and micro bevel are honed to a mirror finish. The best part is it does it in no time flat.

I bought an extra glass disk so I could have 4 grades of sand paper available from 120/400/1000/3000 grit. It takes very little time to flip and change disks to change grits. The sand paper works exceptionally well, and while you can use any PSA backed sand paper, the Norton and Micro Mesh papers are fast and cool running. But be aware if you have a blade that is in rough shape you are going to wear out paper very quickly. I plan to buy some "cheaper" low grit papers to get the tool to "workable" condition first. My previous attempts at sharpening these plane irons left them in bad shape.

Ok here is the reality check. The Work Sharp starter kit cost around $200.00. If you buy enough of the accessories that you can change plates for every grade of paper, and that includes the Edge Vision as well as glass plates, add in the leather honing plate, and the wide blade attachment you are now up closer to $500.00. Plus you will have to stock up on abrasives and the Work Sharp "kits" aren't cheap. It it worth it? There is nothing like a razor sharp plane or chisel. It gives wood working a whole new meaning. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

Thank you Work Sharp!

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