Thursday, January 14, 2010

She Saws, She Saves!

There are days when things go good and there are days when things go bad. Some days things go good but end up bad. Then there are days where things go bad but end up good. Today was one of THOSE days.

I was trying to make a box to store by table saw blades in. Just a simple slotted box so I could stand the blades on edge and store the whole thing in the new drawer I made. I got the parts cut then proceeded to put the slots in the sides on the router table. That all went very well....until I discovered I had put ALL the slots in the wrong direction. I had to cut new sides and makes the slots all over again. Somewhere in that frustration I made several other mistakes with the cuts. I was near ready to give up, but persisted until I got my box made. But I now had a lot more pieces in the scrap bin then I intended and a headache to boot.

Later on after a break and a couple of aspirins, I was looking at my collection of circular saw blades and thought I could make a similar box for them. VOILA! I now could salvage the sides I screwed up earlier. A front, back and a bottom and I had a storage box for the blades. And it fits perfectly in the drawer beside the table saw blade box.

It's a good day when things work out.

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