Friday, December 11, 2009

Haulin Ash

I now have the ultimate shop tool! A 2010 long box Chevy Silverado! I can now go to any building center and buy whatever sheet good I want WHEN EVER I want. No more waiting for a truck. No more paying for cuts. No more wondering if it will fit.
I got the Trifecta tonneau cover too so that rain and snow won't hold me back either! And the box has an over-the-rail Line-X coating so no worries about cosmetic damage. With a kick-ass V8 engine and the towing package I can load that baby to the cab roof with sheet goods.
Yep, I can haul ash, maple, oak, whatever. If it sprouts leaves or needles I can haul it.
And I will be able to buy it all right after I win that lottery.

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