Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Finishing Touches

The tool box is complete! This was one heck of a long project, but I did go about it the hard way. Things didn't go perfect but it was a good learning experience as I had to go into many aspects of woodworking, even a few that were new.

I am not unhappy with it, although I know all too well the imperfections. There were quite a few "repairs" made to this before it was finished. But all things considered it turned out quite well.

Now it's time for a little break from the shop. I am just going to do a little clean up out there and start planning some new "organizational changes." Time to put Google Sketchup to work.


hand made furniture said...

It looks grand and lovely...I think an old design in a new look and style.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, job well done! You will get many years of use from that box. You sound alot like me: lose weight, exercise more, stop smoking. All of my vises also. Love your new truck too, that will come in handy when you can afford all those expensive pieces of lumber. HAPPY NEW YEAR