Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Toy Inspiration!

The spouse attended a beginner scroll saw class at Lee Valley last weekend and things have moved rapidly since then. Apparently the spouse is a "natural" on the scroll saw. Of course that giant industrial scroll saw I have was just not cutting it. By some strange stroke of luck, we happened to be in Home Hardware and they had the DeWalt DW788 scroll saw on sale for $529.00. It was NOT in the budget but we scooped it anyway. I have to admit that is one beautiful scroll saw. It is quiet as a mouse and literally NO vibration. Makes that old saw of mine look like a train wreck.

Now we are stocking up on scroll saw accessories. Since this is the spouse's "new toy" I am keeping my distance for the moment. But I thought it might be nice to build the spouse a tool box to store blades an accessories in. It's actually coming along quite nicely. I gave cutting grooves and dado's on the table saw a shot and it works really well. Unfortunately I had to remove the guard again, but I WILL be putting it back on.

The tool box is going to be a true work of art. (Collage IS an art isn't it?) It's going to be made of veneers of spalted maple, walnut, and zebra wood. I am sure it will be considered quite crude in most woodworking circles but I am not trying to win a prize with it. Just proving to myself once again I CAN do this stuff. I seem to live in a cloud of self doubt most of the time.

The non-smoking is non-working. I need some kind of torture I guess. Oh wait, isn't that what smoking already is?

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