Monday, October 19, 2009

Understanding Wood

My vacation came and went with very little of it being used for what *I* actually wanted to do. I ended up doing more computer repairs then anything else which DID NOT make me happy. The only project I got completed was a new drawer for my router table. That was an exercise in frustration with the new box joint router bit.

I spent 7 hours TRYING to get a setup on that bit that would produce a decent box joint. Finally I gave up and in 25 minutes I had the Oak Park 1/4" box joint jig set up and had the four sides of my drawer DONE. Sometimes it's best to stick with what you already know works.

Part of the problem, I discovered MUCH too late, is that I actually didn't understand wood. When I was working with plywood I was under the misconception that grain direction didn't matter. But it most certainly does. At some point this Revelation occurred to me and things started to go much smoother after that.

The sad part is now that I GET this concept and actually understand WHY grain direction is important, I am looking around the shop at a few other projects I have done and think CRAP! that's ALL WRONG!

I am sure this knowledge with improve my woodworking immensely. Well I can hope anyway.

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