Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Quitter's Blues

I am TRYING to quit smoking. All I can tell you is if you don't smoke, NEVER start. This is a horrible horrible addiction that does nothing but slowly kills you and makes it almost impossible to stop. Right now I am super stressed, miserable, grouchy, and I haven't even quit yet.

It's been a tough month in the woodworking arena. There have been several folks on that have been seriously injured in their shops this month. Some have shared photos and they are not pretty. Almost every one of them says they just lost focus for a second and that's all it took. I had my own close call on the router table but was fortunate enough not to be injured.

We get too lax about power tool safety now and then. There are lots of excuses: I was in a hurry, I had lots on my mind, it was getting late and on and on. In one second your whole life changes forever.

Because a couple of these accidents were on the table saw and happened with the guard removed I have decided to reinstall my guard. I spent 15 minutes getting it set up today. That was 15 minutes that may save my fingers and was well worth it. It will be unlikely I will remove it again.

Now I am going to go smoke a cigarette and continue killing myself. Then I think I'll kill something on the computer. I can't wait for Modern Warfare 2 to come out next month. I'm going to be all over that!

I can hardly wait to see how cheery I am when I actually QUIT smoking.

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