Sunday, October 11, 2009

HAPPY Thanksgiving!

This turkey has just turned 50. Some days I feel like 90 when it rains and the arthritis and fibromyalgia kick into high gear...AT THE SAME TIME. But fortunately some of the meds I am forced to take are anti-depressants, so I am in pain but still smiling.

I got to take my last vacation of the year this Thanksgiving long weekend. I swore I was going to do NOTHING but what *I* wanted to do. That didn't make it past the first day. There have been computer repairs, a birthday party, Thanksgiving, and the numerous daily tasks that still have to be dealt with whether or not you are on vacation. But I did manage to squeeze some shop time in there.

My birthday was actually excellent this year. The spouse surprised me and bought me the Dewalt D55168 200PSI 15 Gallon air compressor I have been lusting after. Now I will be able to use the Mastercraft HVLP Spray paint outfit I got on sale at Canadian Tire.

I also got some router bits from Elite Tools. There were a few I picked up at the Woodstock wood show but I got the rest for my birthday. That box joint bit is a scary demon in the router.

My friends all chipped in and got me a $100.00 gift card for Lee Valley! I think I am going to use it to buy some books I wanted. I have the list all printed out, but I will go to the store and browse around before I make any decisions. You never know what might tickle my fancy with a hundred bucks to burn.

The Woodstock wood show was a bit of a disappointment this year. There were no exceptional deals and the vendors weren't really in a bargaining mood. Other then some bits and a couple of sanding mats the only other things I bought were a couple of pieces of Lace wood. I really hope the London show in February is better.

Despite making my self sick (sinus infection) by resawing some white ash and NOT wearing a dust mask I have had a pretty good vacation. The topper was winning $250.00 in the lottery pool at work. I have a few more days before going back to work and a couple of projects I'd like to do in the shop. But we'll see how it goes. Planning never works the way you plan it.

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