Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Productive Shop Time

The spouse is away for a few days so the mouse is at PLAY! I was out in the shop yesterday making nasty holes in the walls. There was a phone jack mounted on the wall right were I want to put my new clamp rack. I had to rip open the wall to find out the cord was passed through a stud on an angle. Then I had to widen the rip to relocate the jack. Today I made an even bigger hole so I could actually patch it with a nice square piece of drywall. I got to put the new Dremel Multi-Max to work and it was SWEET. The patch work isn't pretty but the clamp rack will hide it.

I made a vow this morning to build this rack with only the wood I had available in the shop. It's getting to be a bad habit running to the hardware store for a new piece of wood every time I want to make something. By now I should have enough off cuts to makes simple things like a clamp rack! So sure enough I managed to find enough suitable pieces.

My inspiration for the rack came from ShopNotes July issue #106. Also the quick fix rack I had built about a month ago ripped out of the wall after I added the rest of my new clamps to it. The spouse will be proud of me because as usual I "coloured outside the lines" and didn't follow the directions or dimensions in the ShopNotes plan. However in my defence the article did say to modify the plan for your own needs. I also have a couple ideas for future additions to the rack, but I want to get it up and see how it works before I add anything.

I can't post a picture yet as the plaster on the drywall patch is still drying so I can't hang the rack. Hopefully I will get it up later tonight.

The spouse and an old friend from BC are due back tomorrow. Looks like the rest of this week won't afford me much shop time. But it's been a GREAT couple of days out there!

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