Friday, September 11, 2009

End of Days (Off)

My "vacation" is over. Another one I can chalk up to being NO vacation at all. I got the patio finished yesterday, cleaned out and grouted all the crevices with King permasand. Now it's just a matter of letting it dry thoroughly. They were calling for rain again today but I really hope it holds off and the patio gets a couple of days of dry weather at least. It's not as perfect s I would like it to be, but it is what it is now.

I think I am going to give myself a day of retail therapy today. Canadian Tire has a huge clearance sale on, including the Dremel Multi-Max for $99.00. Yep I think I deserve it. I'll probably go and do this shopping BEFORE the spouse gets home from work. My lists adds up to just over $300.00 Fortunately it's the last baseball game of the season for the spouse so I will only be subjected to the evil stare for a couple of hours. By the time the spouse gets home from the game I will be gone to work. There IS a method to my madness.

Jockey is also having it's semi-annual clearance sale. Maybe I can stop there tomorrow after work and pick up a few things. Can a gal ever have enough underwear? I'll pick up a few things for the spouse as well just to smooth things over.

It is very sad to be looking forward to going back to work for a rest. Sometimes, MY LIFE SUCKS!

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