Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are Projects Ever Finished?

The patio is done.

For this year.

I got the perma sand in and I am a little disappointed with it as it did not harden quite as much as I thought it would. But it is what it is and for now it's DONE. We are just going to let it be over the winter and see how it fares. Next year I will apply a chemical cocktail to it to seal it and bring up the colour in the stone. But I want to see how it winters first.

The go kart now has a steering wheel and sort of a steering linkage. It was a test setup that seems to be working so I may keep it. I am ready for THAT project to be DONE! I would like to see the grandson ride it at least once before the snow flies. But there are still numerous little things that have to be completed on it. Tick, Tick.

I bought a Sears Router Crafter on Kijiji for $75.00. These things are obsolete now, but they still do what they did very well. This one is in exceptional condition. Another toy I will get to try out over the long winter.

I bought the Dremel Multi-Max and ALL the accessories. This is one of those tools you don't think you really need till you try it out. Suddenly the possibilities are endless. We have some caulking around the windows that needs to be replaced and it's a job we have been putting off because it is so labour intensive. Not anymore! But that one will wait till next spring now too.

I also bought a Drill Doctor 350X . It was on sale at Canadian Tire for $50.00 so I took the plunge. Drill bits are relatively inexpensive and I have been in the habit of just tossing them when they are dull. This little machine changes everything I every believed about drill bits. First of all, most drill bits are not SHARP when new. I know this because after sharpening a few of them with the Drill Doctor I have drilled holes like never before! Even in METAL! I was trying to drill a tap hole into the end of 1/2" shaft for a 1/4x20 bolt. The drill bit was making a lot of smoke and very little penetration. I ran it through the Drill Doctor then drilled the hole like a hot knife through butter! The difference was astonishing. It also sharpens masonry bits which are NOT cheap to replace. This was a GREAT investment.
The credit card needs a rest. So does my bank account. I need longer days. And I need to actually FINISH a project.

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