Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shop Multitasking

It didn't take long to figure out my shop is not built for doing multiple projects. Right now I have the go kart, rebuilding the outdoor furniture, spray painting a tool box add on, and finishing the under the workbench drawers on the go. It's not pretty out there.

The go kart is not "going" anywhere at the moment. This is a really long dragged out project. The biggest problem is working without a "plan" to follow. When you are making these things up in your head as you go it's not easy to keep all the details in line. I have been using Google Sketch Up the last couple of days to try to sort things out. It actually has helped a lot to be able to draw things to dimension. I now have a little more direction.

The chain drive for the cart is still a sticking point. Getting the rear axle to drive the wheels which have built in bearings in them is not easy. It's going to require some plumbing parts and welding.

I am not even going to touch on what this kart is costing me. I spent $50.00 on bearings alone. It's starting to feel like it might have been cheaper just to buy the kid a real car. But I want to finish this project just to say I did. Whether it works or not is moot.

I picked up a 40 tooth thin kerf Forrest Woodworker II table saw blade at Lee Valley today. It seems that crappy plastic table insert I bought is giving me a headache... literally. It makes a nasty squealing noise as the blade is raised though it. I was blaming it on the cheap DeWalt blade I had in there but it does the same thing with the Forrest blade. Leecraft, the maker of the insert, claims it's "blade or arbor wobble". I don't think so Tim. I don't have this issue with any of the wood zero clearance inserts I made. Guess I'm giving the Leecraft inserts the thumbs down!

I also bought a Milescraft blade changer at Busy Bee today. Now either I am not using enough pressure, or my blade nut is way too tight or this thing is useless. On the first try my saw blade chewed right through the little knobs on the inside that are supposed to hold your blade while you loosen the nut. I am going to try returning it but I doubt that will work now that it's "damaged". Another thumbs down. I'll be very wary of buying Milescraft products in the future.

So as you can see things are progressing as normal for me. Another day, another disaster!

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