Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Rona Tent Sale

While we were wasting time in the BIG CITY waiting for the truck to be repaired we happened upon a Rona Tent Sale. That was a big mistake. I found the cordless "drill of my dreams" only because the price was RIGHT! It's a Hitachi DS18DSAL HXP Li-ion 18V Compact Pro Li-ion Driver Drill that was regular priced at $199.00 and I got it for $109.00. It came with a case, 2 batteries and a charger. Now THAT'S a DEAL!

Hitachi offers a 10 year warranty on all their cordless tools. The batteries however, only have a 2 year warranty. That is the part of cordless tools I REALLY despise. Mostly because they usually make the replacement batteries so expensive it doesn't pay to buy them. You might as well replace the entire tool! So basically your tool has a 2 year warranty regardless of what the company advertises. That's total BAIT AND SWITCH tactics if you ask me. It's not limited to Hitachi, most tool makers follow this principal with the exception of Ridgid which if you jump through all the registration hoops, warrants their batteries for life.

I also found a Bosch Colt PR10E router for $69.00 at the tent sale. Talk about my lucky day! The only way it could have got any better was if I had found a Dremel MultiMax on sale. But I am NOT complaining. I also got a deal on some dust collection accessories.

The spouse bought some shelf liner or something..ROFLOL.

Sorry I had to do that.

We made a stop at Busy Bee tools and I found a Drill Press Table on sale as well for 29.00. I got a slightly damaged one that took about 5 minutes to fix so that's why I got the extra discount. However I advise anyone who wants a drill press table NOT to buy this model. It is made from some kind of CRAP MDF that is garbage. It will do till it crumbles which I am sure it will. There is junk, and this table is less then that. Tsk Tsk Busy Bee! I would have returned it but since it was damaged and discounted it was a "final sale". My bad.

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