Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vacation Wasting 101

I'm doing NOTHING. Literally. My first two days of vacation have been totally wasted. I did have a bit of a tough weekend at work so I'll chalk up this wasted time to recovery.

Yesterday I was perusing the Kijiji ads and came across a Campbell Hausfeld 80 flux core welder for $75.00. I was all over that like a dirty shirt. I picked it up today and it works like a charm. These things retail for about $300.00.
I have wanted a small shop welder for a long time but the prices of them were holding me back. This unit is supposedly convertible to MIG but I think the flux core will suit my needs just fine.
Hopefully I'll get one of the MANY projects on my TODO list started tomorrow. A person can only waste so much time. I think I've reached my limit.

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