Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Spouse Surprise

The spouse and I were in the Big City today and we decided to go to Home Depot just to browse. Of course my secret agenda was to just take a look at the Ridgid 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw. That thing is a BEHEMOTH! Even the spouse was shocked at it's size. The sales clerk noticed us checking it out and walked over and asked me what I planned to do with a saw like that. I said "With a saw that size I could do just about anything I damn well pleased"! The spouse went on to tell him how I was becoming a "Tim the Toolman" where I need the biggest one of every power tool imaginable. Now that was an exaggeration for sure.

It is a beauty saw but lacks a few things like pull out slides and even a rough scale on the fence. So I asked the sales clerk if they carried any Bosch miter saws, expecting that they wouldn't actually have any considering Ridgid and Ryobi seem to be their big sellers. He said they just got one in on a "promotional deal".

Low and behold it was my objet de l'amour the Bosch 5412L 12" Sliding Compound Miter Saw! As if that wasn't enough to make my heart palpitate it was mounted on a Bosch T4B Folding Miter Saw Stand!

This unit all together is a tool monger's work of art! It is stunningly beautiful, and even looks graceful before it even moves. I swear even the spouse lit up at the sight of it.

I would love to tell you all the incredible features of this saw and the stand but I barely took any of them in. I asked the clerk to show me how it folded up and unfortunately he said the Bosch sales rep had assembled it and SHE hadn't shown him how it worked. The spouse looked it over and figured it out in about 30 seconds.

OH MY GOD this stand is freaking AWESOME! It folds up and down so easily and the whole thing is so incredibly balanced that you can pick it up from flat on the floor with barely an effort. The spouse and I stood there literally with our mouths agape and I joking asked "Can I get this saw?" The spouse said "Oh yeah!" and meant it.

Once I got past that feeling like fainting stage, I asked, jokingly again of course "Today?" and once again got an emphatic "Oh Yeah"! I pinched myself a couple of times really hard and it WAS real, I have the bruises to prove it. I haven't been THAT excited since my dad bought me my first tool kit when I was 3 years old.

The price tag on this "promotional" offer is $799.00. That is MORE then my table saw cost. That is MORE then any tool I own cost. If the spouse hadn't been working midnights and hadn't just woke up 2 hours previous I would have swore there was alcohol involved. I don't know which one of us was MORE excited.

Of course there was a kink in the deal. You KNEW that was coming. We had just dropped the truck off at the shop for some repairs and it won't be done till tomorrow (hopefully). There was NO WAY IN HELL that outfit was going to fit into my little Cobalt. Then the clerk informed us that they only had one other set in stock and that the floor model was not for sale. I honestly think this all happened so fast that the clerk didn't actually BELIEVE we were going to buy this saw. I don't blame him, I was still thinking it was a cruel joke myself. I asked him to put it on hold for me till tomorrow and he did so even if a bit reluctantly.
So what are the chances I am going to be able to sleep tonight? I won't relax now till that baby is secure in my shop!

I am donating my current miter saw and drill press to the spouse's oldest son. I was going to sell them but I think this surprise act of incredible kindness on the spouse's part deserves a reciprocal act. I am also throwing a few other things into the deal because really it's NOT a fair trade. But I want to stay in the good books!

I have done some research on this deal since I got home and yes, it IS a VERY good deal. The stand alone retails for $300.00. The cheapest price I found for that saw in Canada is $671.00. So I am saving at least $200.00 and getting a kick ass unit!

I have to close now as it's very hard to type with my fingers crossed. I sure hope the spouse has a really good night at work!

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