Friday, July 24, 2009

My Friday Night Fun

The computer fixing took longer then expected, as it usually does. The problem was an overheating processor. The fact that the fan and cooler were PACKED with dirt was probably the first clue. After removing them I also discovered that the CPU had NO thermal compound on it or the cooler. Somebody at HP was sleeping on the job.

Then I had a few other computer related things to take care of so the day was pretty much wasted. The fact that I also slept in till 11:30 didn't help either. I guess the workout I had in the shop all week finally caught up with me.

The spouse had to play baseball tonight and instead of tagging along and having a few drinks with the rest of the cheering section I opted to stay home and hang out in the shop. I ordered pizza and ate and watched tv at my workbench. My CLEAN workbench. It's corny but kind of fun. The shop is just a nice place to hang out now. As a matter of fact I am out here with the laptop doing this blog. This is how I WANT to spend my Friday nights.

Man I have really changed a lot in the last few years. I guess that's a good thing eh?

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