Monday, July 13, 2009

Making Headway

Today was a great day in the shop! I sold my drums and decided to buy myself that Craftex floor model radial drill press I was eyeing up at Busy Bee Tools. This thing is a beauty! And the assembly process was a snap for a change. I did need a hand from the spouse to get the head on but I managed to put everything else together myself. While I was at it I put it on wheels because as you can imagine I have NO room left in the garage. There are so many ways you can twist and turn the drill head and the table you can practically drill upside down with this thing. I have done the complete set up yet of squaring the head and such but I will get it done this week.

I had so many things on the go in the shop it was crazy. I read The New Scroll Saw Handbook this past weekend so it got me motivated to get my scroll saw set up and working. I literally tore it to pieces and put it back together AGAIN but now it really is running nicely. I added a speed control to it as well. There are going t be some really nice projects coming off that baby in the near future. But first I need to rework the stand for it or make a new one. Right now it is taking up WAY TOO MUCH room. I guess a 26" scroll saw will do that.

Home Hardware has some sheets of Masonite on sale for $2.00 so I bought a few of them and made a nice cover for my table saw. Now I can use it as a work surface and not ruin the table. I also bought a new miter fence from Busy Bee. It's not the Incra one I have been lusting after but it will do the trick. It took a little jury rigging to get it to work with my miter gauge. Once I had it set up I could see the saw blade is still out of alignment to the miter slot. But I bought some miter bar stock and I'm going to make a proper jig for my dial indicator. Then I should be able to set that up within a few thousands of an inch. The original one I made out of wood is too flimsy.

I also bought a little jig to set up the blades on my jointer. I don't know how well it will work, but right out of the package I had to "repair" it. It come with magnets and one of them wasn't glued in properly. It's starts to feel like working on computers all over again. STUFF SHOULD JUST WORK! Hopefully it will do the job on the blades without too much hassle. I really want to have everything tuned up properly and then actually BUILD something!

The only things I have left to buy are the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, I am thinking the R3 Kit, and a new sliding compound miter saw. I have narrowed the choices down to either the Bosch or Ridgid 12" models. Whichever one I find on sale first will be the one. Both are in the $700.00 range so I need a really BIG sale. My woodworking buddy advised me to wait till the Woodstock Wood Show in October and I might be able to score a good deal there. For $700.00 I can wait. My little Jobmate 8" saw is working for me for the moment.

I am sure there will always be "something" I'll think I need, but I have to say right now, I pretty much have it all. Now it really needs to get some GOOD use!

What made today the most enjoyable, other then everything going well for a change, was that every time I needed a certain tool I had it! The spouse can whine about all the stuff I buy but it sure pays off. It was also nice to have a beautiful sunny day and have the garage door open!

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