Friday, July 31, 2009

Holiday Progress

It took till Wednesday but I finally found my ambition. I made a start on the go kart and it's probably going to be a longer then planned project. It's not going to be pretty but I am learning things along the way.

I made the steering wheel out of a 1x12x12 inch piece of walnut. It took a lot of different tools to fabricate this thing in one piece. I also now understand the need for a TEMPLATE when using a router with a bearing ended bit. Of course I didn't use one, that's how I learned this valuable lesson. So the steering wheel is not exactly round or even. But it will work.

Today I put wheels on the scroll saw and small band saw tables. The wheels on the scroll saw seem to dampen the vibration a little more so that's a plus. The only thing left that needs wheels is the Ridgid Oscillating Belt/Spindle sander. Unfortunately I will have to modify that tool stand before I put wheels on it in order to keep it at the height it's at now.

Now I am going to use the Mortiser to put a couple of through mortises on the 2x4 that will be the front axle on the go kart. I will put hairpins though the wheels shafts in these mortises. They will just be stub axles. I know it sounds weird, but in my head it all works beautifully.

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