Friday, July 24, 2009

Cleanup In Aisle Three!

Today I made some excellent progress and even got a hand from the spouse. The first thing I tackled was getting the shelves cut and up. Once they were in place we started getting all the "stuff" off the floor and stored back on the shelves where it belongs.

There are a few things up there that won't stay up there, like most of the stuff in those pretty pink boxes. Once I make the rolling drawers for under the workbench most of that stuff will end up in there. A lot of it is household repair stuff, plumbing and electrical odds and ends and general hardware. And of course some of it is just junk I can't bear to part with yet.

Once the floor area was cleaned up things really began to take shape. I manged to entirely clear off one work bench. That's a first in this shop! After that it was just a matter of hanging a few things and putting things away.

There were moments it seemed like there STILL wasn't going to be a place for everything, but little by little it all came together. Low and behold there was actually FLOOR SPACE when it was all over!

It felt really good just being in there. Tomorrow I am actually going to be able to WORK in there again.

I have an idea for the drawers I want to make, but I am just trying to decide how fancy I want to be with them. Do I fire up that new Hitachi router and make drawer lock joints or do I just screw some plywood together and make a basic box?

I have some computers to fix tomorrow so I guess the deciding factor will be how much time I have left in the day. And how much ambition I have. This week has really wore me out. It will almost be nice to go back to work for a REST!

But I am extremely happy with the overall results. Now just a few minor tweaks and I will have my "DREAM SHOP". My FANTASY dream shop is a whole lot bigger, and who knows maybe down the road I'll have that too. Right now I just want to build something.

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