Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back In The Shop

Now that all the work drama has ended I can finally get back to normal. Well what's normal for me anyway which is usually total chaos. I have been back in the shop a little this week doing some tool tune ups and just reminding myself what I have been missing. The table saw got a work over including a new blade, a complete realignment and a fresh coat of wax on the tabletop.

I bought the Micro Jig splitters and the GRRRipper push block. The only problem is I now need stilts. Being vertically challenged, my forearm gets dangerously close to the blade once I am on the other side of it. Looks like I will have to build myself a little step up box to stand on at the table saw. Other then that I really like the GRRRipper. It does make me feel as if I have more control over the cut and I do feel safer when the blade is covered.

I had some issues with the Micro Jig splitter as well. Seems the Ridgid blade that came with the table saw is not even a standard "thin kerf" blade. The wood could still not get past the Micro Jig thin kerf splitter. Hence the blade change. I am now using a DeWalt combination blade but I still have to make a zero clearance insert with the regular kerf splitter. I'll keep you posted on how that turns out.

All I really accomplished with all my time off was making a longer "To Do" list. The grandson was over during my break and said he wanted a go kart. That sounded like a very fun project and I started buying parts and lumber to build it. Then the spouse came home one day with one of those little metal dune buggy pedal type go karts for him. That kind of took the wind out of my sails. Why would he want some wooden soapbox derby type kart when he had that? So that project is on hold for the moment.

I also thought about using all that nice cherry wood to build a bench for the front foyer. It will involve some serious resawing and glue ups but it can be done. The problem is the spouse is working night shift this week so I can't really run any noisy shop tools. The rest of the day just seems to get ate up by normal day to day stuff. I suppose this is only supposed to be a hobby so I should just relax. It just feels like I am wasting a lot of time doing nothing.

I am getting better with Google Sketch Up. I have been trying to use it to draw up my go kart plans. It takes time but I AM getting the hang of it.

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