Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Table Saw Scare Tactics

I was watching a video on the new SawStop Table Saws and they showed some pretty nasty table saw injuries. It's obvious the SawStop is a brilliant invention but $3000.00 is NOT in my budget although they are correct when they say "how much are your hands worth?"

I have been running my table saw without a blade guard from the get go mostly because the splitter that is attached to the guard does not support the thin kerf blade that Ridgid shipped with the table saw. HELLO RIDGID???? ARE YOU LISTENING?

After seeing these saw accidents I am a little freaked out. So now I want to find a way to put a guard back on my saw. I looked into after market overhead guards and while they would work very well, they too are out of my budget starting from about $300.00 and up.

Enter Micro Jig and the Grr-Ripper. Now THIS system is affordable AND it also works on a router table, band saw and even a jointer. It also keeps your hands completely safe from the running blades/bits. At about $100.00 if you add in the $10.00 DVD which sounds well worth the investment, this is a VERY affordable SAFETY device for MULTIPLE tools. Can you tell it's on my MUST HAVE list?

Micro Jig also makes a Splitter to add to a Zero Clearance Insert on the table saw. They make a separate model for thin kerf blades. This along with the Grr-Ripper makes a completely SAFE system. Both splitters can be had for about $50.00.

So for about $150.00 I can feel safe when using my table saw again. Not to mention using the Grr-Ripper on the other tools. Now the only question is where am I going to pull that money magically out of?

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