Sunday, May 10, 2009

Staycation Again

I am on "vacation" for a couple of weeks and while I am happy to be away from work, it will unfortunately be more of a staycation then vacation. The contract at work is still under fire, and one of my weeks off will actually be a layoff. So spending money is out of the question. The first week I am off the spouse is on night shift, so running noisy power tools in the garage is out of the question too. I might actually be forced to do some of that "outdoor" work that keeps piling up. I swear one year I am actually going to have a REAL vacation.

There are a few "shop" jobs I could do that might not be too noisy. I need to build a boom for the hose for my new Craftex CT053 dust collector. Having a 4 inch vacuum hose running across the floor in my already over crowded garage is not working for me. Since I only hook the system up to one machine at a time it would be easier to have the hose overhead. I also need to buy all the adapters to be able to hook the hose to all the different sized ports on every machine. What a PITA. But I can tell you that having a dust collection system makes a HUGE difference. When things get settled financially I plan to add an air filtration system as well.

I could also spend some "quiet" time sharpening my planes and chisels. It is absolutely amazing how once you buy tools you suddenly have use for them. I have used a couple of the planes and chisels a few times now, and having nice sharp tools also makes a HUGE difference in the quality of work you can do. I still need a little practice on planing AND chiseling. The Groz hand planes may not be highly rated, but when you put a nice keen edge on the irons they do a fine job.

There are also numerous little jigs, push sticks, sanding accessories that I want to make as well. As long as I don't have to run any of the BIG power tools it should be fine. In the event it is raining outside I could resort to TRYING to learn Google Sketch Up. Yes I am still struggling with that.

If all else fails I could just veg and actually "vacate" life for a while. Doesn't sound too bad after I just worked a 12 hour night shift and every bone in my body hurts. Of course tomorrow I'll feel different :)

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