Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Downright Disastrous

Yesterday was NOT a good day. Everything I tried to do in the shop went horribly WRONG! Even the simplest of tasks became ridiculous. It wasn't just in the shop either. Things I tried to do elsewhere suffered the same results. There are bad days and then there are days when it doesn't pay to get out of bed. THAT was one of them.

Today was a bit better I got the boom made for my dust collection system. This will allow me to swing the hose wherever I need it and not be tripping over it all the time. Now I just need to buy more hose and a few more connections.

I also bought a plunge base for my Dremel tool. I think this will come in quite handy for doing intricate work. I might even invest in the small Dremel router table. Unfortunately I am SERIOUSLY running out of space.

I picked up a Craftex bench mortiser on Kijiji the other day. It was a terrific deal and the thing is like brand new. I don't think the fellow that sold it to me knew how to use it properly. Unfortunately he may have ruined one of the chisels in the process. However it was STILL a great deal at $125.00 I was actually looking for a floor model drill press. The search for that continues.

During all the disasters in the shop yesterday I found out my original Mastercraft router will not work with the Oak Park Guide Bushings. I guess that's not REALLY a big deal just more of a PITA. When I went to the router forums for assistance I got some great suggestions for modifying it. It was also suggested I just buy a new router that would work with all the Oak Park items. That would be the Hitachi M12 model. So now I am hunting for that as well. It seems to be rather elusive here in Canada. Maybe it will show up when I can actually afford it.

I also purchased an Incra Jig for my router table a while back from one of the fellows on the router forum. That unfortunately did not work out to be a good deal with the exchange and shipping.
I got the instructional video with it as well but I will need to watch that a few more times before I'll be ready to attempt the fancy joints with it. It makes a GREAT router fence though.

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