Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drill Time

I have found the floor model drill I want! It's a Craftex Radial Drill Press from Busy Bee. I had never even heard of these things till I stumbled across it on the Busy Bee site. Wow is this thing cool or what? I doubt there is anything you can't drill with that puppy. They also have a bench model but I still think the floor model will be more versatile in the long run. And that swiveling tilting head? Well that's just the CAT'S ASS!
AND it's on sale for $275.00 till the end of May.
Of course it is NOT in the budget at the moment. The top priority HAS to be the rest of my dust collection system. It's useless at the moment without a longer hose and the connectors. The really sad thing is I found a Delta air filtration unit on Kijiji for 75.00 but that's not in the budget either.
There really isn't anything exciting going on in the shop right now other then jig building. There is also no money in the budget for wood. So I am just making little things out of scrap. And pretty much just making MORE scrap. Ahh well it makes great fire wood!
I have been working on my GROZ hand planes. Yes when you buy cheap planes you will spend more time working on them then with them. But it is a great learning experience. Putting a flat sole on them has to be the most work. I have taken to running the soles on the belt sander to just get them flat enough to sand with sand paper. They are far from flat out of the box. Then the cheap irons have to be sharpened and honed quite a bit as they seem to be far from flat too. The plane iron caps have to be flattened and honed as well. It's a great time waster when you just want to hang out in the shop.

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