Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Much For Regulations

My "Near Miss" at work was finally investigated by the Ministry of Labour. Unfortunately what I thought was black and white turns out to be a very grey area. Oddly enough the language in the OHSA seems to address my issue directly yet the investigator did not find the company at fault.

There have been some improvements to the equipment at work and it's a shame that it always takes a fatal or near fatal incident to initiate these things. The company is looking over their lockout policy again and trying to get some clarification for the "grey" areas. I don't have much faith that anything will change there only because it's this very ambiguity that protected the company in this incident. Why would they close that loophole?

I am left feeling angry, violated and devalued. The only bright side is that I was lucky enough not to be killed or seriously injured.

This time.

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