Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Joint Rocks

Things are progressing slowly with all the usual set backs. The dishwasher decided to quit and we had to buy a replacement. We chose a Maytag because I had an old Maytag a few years back and you couldn't kill the thing. Unfortunately we are not so lucky with the new one. It seems to want to leak around the vent and control panel. We are trying to get service for it but it's a little difficult as Maytag seems to be tied up with a refrigerator recall.

Things in the shop progress slowly. I got the band saw all tuned up and I am in the process of making a quick tension release lever for it. It still needs some fine tuning. I found the plans for it online and I think it will work just fine. I didn't want to for out the $175.00 for the one from Lee Valley.

In order to keep the spouse unhappy, I bought a new Craftex Jointer from Busy Bee Tools. I do believe this is the final tool required to complete my shop. However I have been wrong before. So far I am pleased with the purchase mainly because I got it on sale for $399.00. It was reasonably easy to set up and it runs very quiet. I have yet to plane anything on it. But I am not finished fine tuning it yet.

Once I finish buying tools and paying for the dishwasher I may actually be able to buy some wood and BUILD something. The closets are still waiting.

The computer business has somewhat ground to a halt. They keep making them cheaper and cheaper that they have become disposable. I can't honestly justify charging someone more then $150.00 to repair a computer when they can buy a new one for a hundred dollars more. And it will probably be faster and bigger then what they want fixed. I guess wood working will have to become my new sideline. Won't THAT make the spouse happy.

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