Friday, February 13, 2009

Wood Show Shopping

I am about to get a divorce. Today was the 21st Annual London Woodworking Show and I decided to make a day of it. It started with a trip to all the local wood working tool stores. Only moments after I entered the first store I was struck with shopping mania. Originally I wanted to buy a couple of woodworking planes. Maybe 3 at most, just a basic starter set. The Veritas and Lie Nielson planes are WAY out of my price range, and probably overkill for a novice. Busy Bee Tools carries a line called Groz planes. Now these planes don't get very high reviews from most woodworkers. It seems they need a little fine tuning before they can actually be used. But I have to say they are very reasonably priced and when they are on sale they are downright CHEAP!

So I bought SIX of them. My collection now consists of a Jointer, #4 Smooth, #5 Jack, Standard Block, Low Angle Block, and a Small Block plane that I had to buy becuase it was only $4.98 as a "Special Promotion". For the cost of a single Veritas plane I have an entire set. And I am actually looking forward to "tuning" them as it will be a tremendous learning experience. From the videos and instructions I have seen online it's not all that complicated. If the blades turn out to be crap I can always replace them with the more expensive Hock's or Veritas blades.

From there the mood was set and I was off to Lee Valley with a list of items the spouse actually wanted. Granted the list was small and under $100.00 dollars, but of course while I was there I thought it a good idea to pick up some Japanese Water Stones to sharpen my new planes.

Then, because it was on the way to the wood show, I stopped at Federated Tool and bought some Diamond Sharpening plates and a trunnion for my band saw table. Yes there was ONE MORE glitch with the band saw when I discovered that one of the table trunnions was broken. Fortunately I found an inexpensive replacement.

Finally I was on my way to the wood show. I found a band saw blade dealer right inside the front door and bought a new 5/8" x 3 TPI resaw blade and a 3/8" x 6 TPI general purpose blade. I also got some new urethane tires and some saw lubricant. Unfortunately they had sold out of bearings, and I didn't find any at the other vendors.

I managed to find a 1/2" shank x 2" straight router bit at another vendor. I have been wanting one of these to do jointing on the router table. All was going well but the spending alarms were going off in my head. But at the Freud display they had the switch I need for my Oak Park router table so I picked that up as well. Unfortunately I got a late start and missed the routing and table saw seminars.

The credit card was starting to feel a bit soggy so I figured I better get the HELL out of there. It was a $500.00 day but I had such fun and am so excited about my new purchases. I figure the spouse probably won't get me anything for Valentines day, so I should be allowed to treat myself right?

Did I mention I am going to be getting a divorce?

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