Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Shop Toys!

I found a new toy for the shop. It's a 14" bandsaw with a riser kit that will allow me to cut or resaw wood up to 12" thick! SWEET! It was a deal I found on Kijiji, and though it's used and needs a little TLC it's going to be prefect for my projects. You can just imagine how happy the spouse was about this purchase.

I need to reinforce the base of the saw as it wobbles something awful. The top blade guard is missing and I will need to fabricate one at work probably as I don't have any sheet metal handy around here. I don't think I would want that 104" blade to let go without a guard on it. That would NOT be pretty. I also need to shim out the bottom wheel a bit. And of course I need to buy a new blade and new bearings. This is ALMOST as bad as building computers!

The weather has been really uncooperative for shop work. The temperatures drop into the -20's C and the shop is unusable. My little Black and Decker 1500W heater does a pretty good job most days but once it gets past -10 things get ugly.

The spouse's idea to paint the upstairs is putting a serious handicap on my shop time too. The "idea" it seems is that I do all the actual work. This is not a small house. Hopefully I will be finished by spring and the weather will allow me out in the shop.

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